About Seth Abrams

Seth Abrams is a lawyer, writer, and college professor. He has been writing about the art of betting for 15 years. In particular, Seth is now looking at the psychological side of the game and the behavior of bettors. His research exclusively covers games where skill can provide an edge that beats the house. Therefore, it eliminates traditional casino games where the house always has an edge. In contrast, it applies to sports betting, horse racing, and poker, where the skilled player can beat the house takeout. At the graduate level, he has studied behavioral economics, positive psychology, and other social scientific theory to highlight areas where players can improve their psychological edge. This is a key component to the art of successful wagering and the focus of his current research. Indeed, it is often these parts of the game which undermines a player’s ability to turn a profit.

Seth has written several books. This includes the e-book on betting called “Stealing Money from the Crowd,” which is available for free download here. The writing here will eventually form the basis of more detailed explanations on the psychology of betting. The first will guide the player using clear and concise meditations to navigate the minefield of wagering decisions. It will take the information contained within this blog (and elsewhere) and transform it into an easily usable form.

Seth lives in Denver, Colorado and enjoys the mountains, photography, and, of course, wagering on anything where he has an edge.